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You can't care for another until you care for yourself…first!

For Sale

This page is to promote sale of my books

Become a Compassionate CareGiver. Reduce Stress. Avoid Burnout.

The Keys to Peace and Joy. Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Compassion.

Oriental style furniture from my personal colletction are for sale, too.

Oriental Coramandel screen: 6-panels hand painted scenes, black lacquer with gold leaf. $1899
Oval cocktail table, green lacquer with semi-precious stone inlays with
Approximate dimensions: 46″ long, 30″ wide, 20″ high
6 matching stools

Oriental Coramandel Screen: 6-panels, hand-painted scenes, black lacquer with Gold Leaf — $1899

Bronze Eagle by Jules Moigniez, 32″ high, $750