CareGiver Guide

You can't care for another until you care for yourself…first!

For The CareGiver:

Find Beauty in the Small Places of Your Life.

Is there a plant growing in crack? Did you stop to notice it? Did you take a look back?

Did you notice the play of color reflecting off  the mirror as you passed down the hall?

Did you see the sun peeking through the clouds of pink and grey?

Beauty surrounds us, each and every day, unnoticed in the small places in our lives.

Gather  beauty into your heart. Store it as a memory to draw upon when worries mount and hope fades.        

Find Beauty in the Small Places of Your Life. Greet the Present Moment!

Take a breath.

Take another — slowly. Inhale…Exhale.

Take a moment to notice what you are feeling.

Can you locate this feeling in a specific part of your body?

Have you felt this feeling before?

Notice what happens as you slowly inhale,  …and then exhale.

Notice your lungs and diaphragm as they inflate and deflate.

When you exhale, can you feel your breath as it passes over your upper lip?

Rejoice that you are alive, that you can breathe, that you can feel the air passing in and out of you.

Rejoice that you can feel the touch of those you love and who love you.

Greet the Present Moment, Find Beauty in the Small Places of Your Life.

Richard Anastasi Copyright © 2010

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