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Announcing Project Purple: Because Stress Kills

The 18th anniversary of the attacks on 9/11/2001 is an appropriate day to announce a project that I have been formulating for the past 21 days: “Project Purple: Because Stress Kills.”

In April of 2012, I first heard that stress is the cause of more than 85% of all illnesses. Since then, my research has validated that claim with some claiming the percentage is even higher. As you can read elsewhere on this site, my mission has been ‘to reduce the stress level of caregivers, those caring for someone with a dis-sease.’ With Project Purple, I am extending my mission to include anyone experiencing stress from whatever cause.

The inspiration for Project Purple comes from the Cleveland Clinic which instituted a program called “Code Lavender.” Quoting from their website:

“A Code Lavender provides holistic rapid response to emotionally stressful events,” explains Barb Picciano, BSN, RN, HN-BC, Manager of Healing Services. “A trained team responds in the moment when something happens and supports folks emotionally.” The program has grown, with a Code Lavender team of four holistic nurses and 10 chaplains from Cleveland Clinic’s main campus helping more than 1,100 people so far this year. The team is part of the Spiritual Care Department led by the Reverend Amy Greene, DMin.

Stayed tuned to this website for more details on the roll-out of Project Purple.

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