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Doing Without An Agenda – Day 5

As a Care Giver, your role is to serve the person you are caring for (the CaredFor). You are there for that person. You are not there to accomplish a goal that is on your agenda.

For example, if you only have one day available to take the CaredFor to see the doctor, and there is more than one doctor to see, you might think it’s a good idea to schedule appointments to see both doctors on the same day. It appears to be a good use of your time.

But would that be too much of strain on the CaredFor to have to spend a whole day in waiting rooms and being probed by doctors?

This might be an obvious case of fitting care giving into your own agenda. Yet, there are other more subtle ways we deliver care which are really done to meet our agenda rather than the needs of the CaredFor.

The pace at which we prepare and eat a meal with the CaredFor is a good example. We may not realize it, but we may be rushing through meal times in order to get to other tasks we want to accomplish that day. While the pace may not seemed rushed to us, it may be for the CaredFor.

As Care Givers, we have  to watch whether we are approaching our care giving tasks with our own agenda in mind or are we in tune with the needs of the CaredFor.

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